Commercial Debt Collections

Do you have accounts receivable that are over 90 days old? When you call the debtor, do they refuse to get on the phone with you?

Have you gone through a lawsuit and obtained a judgment and now don’t know what to do with it? Is the judgment debtor playing “hide and go seek” with their assets?

Penners Bergen, ALC takes aggressive steps to help get you paid. We work quickly and proactively. Our motto is “It’s time you got paid.” Here are some of the things we can do on your behalf to get you paid:

  • Send demand letters which let the debtors know that you have stopped fooling around with them and have gotten legal counsel involved.
  • File lawsuits against the debtors.
  • Move quickly to go into court to obtain prejudgment writs of attachment to have the sheriff seize the debtor’s assets (including their bank accounts).
  • Obtain judgments against the debtors.
  • Obtain orders to compel the debtor to come into court and answer questions about their assets.
  • Seize cars, boats and other assets to help you get paid.
  • Levy on bank accounts.
  • Pursue other parties who owe the debtor money (including, in some cases, the debtors’ customers) to get those third parties to pay you instead of the debtor.
  • File and prosecute fraudulent conveyance lawsuits against debtors and the people who accept their assets as they try to hide the assets from you.
  • Protect creditors’ rights in bankruptcy including filling adversary actions and non-dischargeability lawsuits.

While no commercial debt is the same, and, unfortunately, some debts are not collectible, we are prepared to use every tool at our disposal to give you the best possible chance of getting paid and getting paid as soon as possible.

If we are willing to take your case, in most cases, our clients have the choice of paying either an hourly rate or paying on a contingency basis. We will explain your options and make our recommendations. You, however, have the final say.

If you think that your business could benefit from a team of aggressive and proactive lawyers to help you recover the monies owed to you, contact Penners Bergen ALC to schedule an appointment today.