Domesticating and Collecting Foreign Judgments

Collecting Judgments from Other Countries or Other States

  • Do you have a judgment from another state but the defendant has moved to California or has assets here?
  • Was the judgment issued by a foreign country’s government but the debtor is here in California?

How do you collect on those judgments?

If your judgment is from another state, we will get it issued as a “Sister State Judgment” and start taking steps to collect against the debtor.   We are prepared to move quickly to optimize your chances of getting paid.

If your judgment is from a foreign country, depending on the country,  we do have to begin another lawsuit before we can get the judgment entered and start collecting on it.   We can help with that and then begin getting the judgment collected.

Speed Is Your Friend

Remember, if you’re trying to collect a judgment, speed is your friend.    So, if you’re ready to learn more, schedule an appointment for a free half-hour consultation.   Together,  we can figure out if we should work together on getting your “foreign judgment” paid.     If we agree to take your case, in most cases, you will have a choice of either paying us on a contingency fee basis (no fees paid unless you collect) or on an hourly basis.   The choice is yours.

Penners Bergen, ALC.   It’s time you got paid.