Judgment Collections

You’ve sued someone and you’ve won but now you wonder if or when you will collect.    Or you’re a litigator and you’ve won either at summary judgment or after trial.    Is that hard-won judgment going to be something you just hang on your wall or are you going to actually get paid?

Are you ready to go after those funds so that, at long last, you can collect on that judgment and put that chapter behind you?

At Penners Bergen, ALC, businesses and professionals hire us when it’s time they got paid.   We focus on going after debtors and getting you and your client paid.  In California, there are many tools we can use to help you get paid, which can include:

  • We can levy on bank accounts.
  • We can have writs of execution issued.
  • We can do “till taps” where an officer goes into the debtor’s place of business and sits next to the cash register and takes the money as it comes in.
  • We can levy on personal and real property.
  • We can bring the debtor into court and question them about their assets.
  • We can go after the debtor’s customers and have those customers pay you, instead of the debtor.

At Penners Bergen, ALC, we believe it’s time you got paid and you should have a choice.   If we agree to take your case, in most cases, you can choose whether you want to hire us on an hourly basis or on a contingency fee basis.    If you want to learn more about our judgment collections service, feel free to schedule a one half-hour no-charge consultation with us.   Remember, judgments don’t improve with age so don’t delay.